Oliver Robson


A visual diary for my Work/Research and things I find inspiring.

Backdated. 09

I decided to create a new blog since my other one had limited functionality compared to wordpress, these are taken from that blog.
So I finally get a blog up and running,

On a serious note, I’m really glad that things have clicked and I’ve slowly figured out how to do all this stuff such as FTP hosting etc, It was driving me mad. http://www.oliverrobson.com is the site, and hopefully once I learn a bit more about blogs/ css/ html and become a whiz kid I’ll start implementing other blogs and aspects of my site.

I just want to note that the site currently looks terrible  and I’m working on that, as well as getting the rest of my work up there.

This blog is intended for any Ideas/Research references and image tagging for myself of things that either relate to me at the time I posted it, or things that I would like to aspire to/ incorporate in my work.


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