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Backdated. 09/2

Another Post taken from my old blog.

Hey all,

I hope everyone’s keeping to their new year’s resolutions and that everyone is doing well, from what I have read it seems everyone is having a good time.
I’ve just finished a rather long couple of unexpected freelance projects since September. One which was for a company called MediHome, this was a re-brand project which was quite daunting at first since it’s not really the sort of thing I would usually go for/ have had any experience with.

The company itself is quite cutting edge in its field, since they offer patients the chance to leave hospital early and continue their care at home. After speaking with the board of directors there they felt that their current brande image was quite conservative/ out dated and didn’t fit in with their mission statement. So after getting to know everyone and more about the company I set about re-designing/branding all of their posters and newspaper leaflets/adverts. This was more fun than I was anticipating since they gave me a lot of space to pitch my ideas and see them through. However since it was a re-brand there was always the odd publication that was boring, These were the harder documents to get motivated to complete, since they were 28 or so pages of text. One of the main things I found out of this project was how hard it can be to portray your ideas across to a client, you constantly have to push to try and explain to them why certain aspects won’t work etc, which can be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

Towards the end of November I was asked to do some artwork for Royal Holloway University of London’s 2010 fashion show – so I’ve been busy with that since then, mainly posters/ ticket design etc.

As from the end of Feb I’m headed out to Switzerland until June as part of the Erasmus exchange, I can’t wait – but I know hardly any German so I’m kind of nervous.. It’s hard enough trying to look for a flat etc to rent while I’m out there. I’m currently trying to get my website up and running and also a blog, but I’m finding it hard to get my head around Indexhibit – if anyone knows a lot about this I’d be grateful for some pointers. I’ll put up pics etc soon.



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