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Chocolate, Clocks and Type. Backdated. 20/02/10

I arrived in Bern, Switzerland the day before yesterday  and everything was going well. So far I’ve had encounters with 3/4 of the languages here. I tried speaking Italian to the cab driver which failed miserably, that’s probably why he charged me an extortionate price for a 5min journey. Bah. Living here is quite expensive, its around 6CHF [4pounds] for a regular coffee.

I started my first day at the University today where we have a lecture/ workshop from a visiting tutor, Andre Baldinger. I’ve never felt so out of place in my life – Half of the studio and Andre didn’t realize I was due to arrive so they did the majority of the lecture in Swiss-German, and also the brief issued was in Swiss-German. Fun,

Things are on the up though, I’ve met most of my studio group and have translated the brief using Google Translate ❤
The studio is pretty amazing, everyone has their own table and side table, with a cable to connect to the network with and also a computer screen in case they need it. Our brief is to create a film poster for the film ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ by Godfrey Reggio, the film is one of a trilogy made in the 1980’s and depicts the relationship between Humans/Technology and the Environment, which is pretty good since it’s what I’m going to write my dissertation on.

It’s a three day project so I’ll get some photos up of the outcome/crit once we’ve had it.



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