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It’s been a while..

So it seems i’ve completely forgotten to update my blog in the recent weeks what with this and that going on.

We recently held an interim exhibition for our Illustration studio at LCC, to showcase some of our work in progress etc. We’ve been working on developing our own typeface for for the Exhibition, [Which by the way is entitled ‘Personal Best’]. The typeface loosely follows this theme where the imagery we were working with for the design of this exhibition is celebration achievement but in a non serious manner – we tried to avoid the egotistical aspect of the name which happened to then produce and underlying theme which tied the whole exhibition together nicely.

Here is the typeface which I designed with the help of Anthony Chapman and Robbie Flanagan, the typeface is based around the LCD digital clock/stopwatch, in which world records and other sporting achievements are displayed and recorded.Below is the typeface and some early experimentation of how the typeface could be implemented.





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