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Just watched a TED talk by Roz Savage, who rowed across the Atlantic solo and is Currently rowing across the Pacific solo.

I found the talk really inspiring, not only to raise environmental issues but also from a self development point of view. Another such case is Abby Sunderland who is sailing around the world solo, but has recently had to activate her emergency beacon (EPIRB) because her mast broke.

I think that the EchoHeroes site could prove to become an effective way of altering our behavioural methods, people work harder to achieve when there are certain points to be met, or rewards – such as a grading system or medals etc to work towards, I’ll see if I can find a link to another TED talk to talk in detail about what I mean. This is a great use of technology/ the internet to start looking after the environment. It’s the small things that matter.




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Green Metropolis.


Analysis to come later //

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I’m Here.

This is by far one of the best short films I’ve seen in a while, It vaguely links in with what I plan to write my dissertation on, which makes it all the more engaging.



You can see the film for free at:  http://www.imheremovie.com/

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Epic Wins.

I found this video very interesting, Jane McGonigal is spot on in several aspects of her talk. Society is becoming more and more involved with the internet culture not only in games but also on social networking sites. In online games it’s amazing how much you actually need to co-operate to be successful. The majority of people learn a lot via experiencing different things, and if we as a society can start to integrate this into real life then we may be able to start spreading some good vibes.

Naturally however there is always a down-side. Some games have been rumored to influence people to act out bad things in real life and there have been a couple of cases linked to games like Grand Theft Auto and Manhunt, which actively promote violence etc. I think there is also the risk that people may become subversive and shy away from real-life due to gaming instead of becoming pro-active. After all it’s a lot easier to sit down for an hour or so and zone out rather than facing the challenges you may have in real life, I guess it can be seen as an alternative to drugs or alcohol.

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Ratatat, Seventeen Years.

Not only a good song, but also an interesting video looking into the balance/relationship of machines and nature.

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Patricia Thompson.

A variety of Images by Patricia Thompson. I’m particularly interested in the  architectural forms of the man-made structures with the natural, more organic forms of the trees etc within her work.

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Sitopia, Carolyn Steel.

Interesting talk from Carolyn Steel regarding the functionality of food within our cities, and her proposition for society to move towards a ‘sitopia’.

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