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It’s Been a while,

Sorry guys, I’m aware it’s been a while since I last updated this.. Unfortunately I’m working full time at the moment to try and make some dolla. I’ll be updating this soon with some side projects i’ve been doing and also some old work that I still need to put up on here.

all the best,


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Top 80.

For reference more than anything.



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Nacht Fail.

So I just finished the final publication, managed to print one copy and  head off to the crit. When I get back I found that my InDesign decided to freeze up and I had to force quit it to get my mac working again. Now I receive the [Error 5] message, the file is damage or corrupted. Looks like I will have to re-make it..

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Tag/Nacht Process.

Just a quick post with some images of the project I am currently working on. I’m making a book comparing the nightlife of Bern to London – by nightlife I don’t mean the bars and clubs, more the night0time activity. A lot of the time I find myself without milk or wanting chocolate etc past 6.30pm at night and I have to go without because that is the time that all of the shops and supermarkets close., Literally all of them.

I decided to spend 24hrs walking around Bern and observing different areas f the city, especially between the hours of 9pm to 4am. The book is mainly photographic but it does have some limited information about the places and what the atmosphere was like at that specific time.

These are just some of the initial drafts.



I’ll post photos of the final product once it’s complete.

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HKB Panorama

So I decided to take a little break while I worked, instead of twiddling my thumbs, I figured it would be beneficial to make a panoramic image of the studio while it’s empty. Some call it procrastination, I call it alternate productivity.



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Black Sands //

Bonobo’s music is great, It relaxes me no matter where I am, I’m a big fan of their discography/artwork also. I especially like the artwork for their latest album ‘Black Sands’, it creates a real ambient sence which is echoed within the music itself. It’s interesting how everyone has their own ‘niche’ within music which lets them forget where they are/what they are doing and just zone out, almost like a drug it can get quite addictive and you really notice it if you forget your iPod one day for example. It’s strange to think that technology which is supposed to bring people together/express personal feelings can also allow people to walk around in their own bubble for a day. If that makes any sence at all.

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Have just added some new photos,


Mainly some black and white shots of Vancouver/Istanbul and Barcelona. Some are old, no editing has been done to them – not sure why some of the tones are off. I’ll upload some older ones of my hometown when I get a chance.

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A panorama (formed from Greek πᾶν “all” + ὅραμα “sight”) is any wide angle view or representation of a physical space..

I hope to get one of these bad boys for bern. Obviously not with an actual Panoramic Camera since I can’t afford one, but hopefully if I can allign things right with a tripod and use a program like PTGui to stitch the shots together, It may look quite interesting. I’ll hopefully get one from the 20th floor roof terrace of my friend’s Studenthaus building, you can see the Alps to the south and also to the West near Geneva. Sick

Photo’s to come soon [tm].

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I just found a ton of old Photos/Images of work that I should probably upload onto here and also my website.

I havent really looked at it since I was last stuck with indexhibit. I think this weekend will be one of updating and trying to solve the problems I was having with it last time. I really want to start now but its late here and I should have gone to bed hours ago.

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Chocolate, Clocks and Type. Backdated. 20/02/10

I arrived in Bern, Switzerland the day before yesterday  and everything was going well. So far I’ve had encounters with 3/4 of the languages here. I tried speaking Italian to the cab driver which failed miserably, that’s probably why he charged me an extortionate price for a 5min journey. Bah. Living here is quite expensive, its around 6CHF [4pounds] for a regular coffee.

I started my first day at the University today where we have a lecture/ workshop from a visiting tutor, Andre Baldinger. I’ve never felt so out of place in my life – Half of the studio and Andre didn’t realize I was due to arrive so they did the majority of the lecture in Swiss-German, and also the brief issued was in Swiss-German. Fun,

Things are on the up though, I’ve met most of my studio group and have translated the brief using Google Translate ❤
The studio is pretty amazing, everyone has their own table and side table, with a cable to connect to the network with and also a computer screen in case they need it. Our brief is to create a film poster for the film ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ by Godfrey Reggio, the film is one of a trilogy made in the 1980’s and depicts the relationship between Humans/Technology and the Environment, which is pretty good since it’s what I’m going to write my dissertation on.

It’s a three day project so I’ll get some photos up of the outcome/crit once we’ve had it.


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