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I’ve decided that I need some projects to do over the summer while working to make some money for my final year, just to keep me creative and have something to work towards so I don’t idle [too much]. It’s kind of slow here today so I started researching into it after being inspired by my friends blog;


There are a couple of things that I would quite like to try, I am really keen to get a panoramic camera to take some nice shots but I don’t really want to invest in buying one. Luckily I found some great sites which offer guides to build your own, Pinhole style.





The Author [Ross Orr] also has a guide where he made his own Polaroid Pinhole camera, which also sounds pretty fun.




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Nacht Fail.

So I just finished the final publication, managed to print one copy and  head off to the crit. When I get back I found that my InDesign decided to freeze up and I had to force quit it to get my mac working again. Now I receive the [Error 5] message, the file is damage or corrupted. Looks like I will have to re-make it..

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Chris Van Diemen

Just had a quick look at his online portfolio, he has some nice work. I particularly like his french folded book, I would like to try something similar with some film photography possibly.




Just for future reference in case I need it.

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Tag/Nacht Process.

Just a quick post with some images of the project I am currently working on. I’m making a book comparing the nightlife of Bern to London – by nightlife I don’t mean the bars and clubs, more the night0time activity. A lot of the time I find myself without milk or wanting chocolate etc past 6.30pm at night and I have to go without because that is the time that all of the shops and supermarkets close., Literally all of them.

I decided to spend 24hrs walking around Bern and observing different areas f the city, especially between the hours of 9pm to 4am. The book is mainly photographic but it does have some limited information about the places and what the atmosphere was like at that specific time.

These are just some of the initial drafts.



I’ll post photos of the final product once it’s complete.

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HKB Panorama

So I decided to take a little break while I worked, instead of twiddling my thumbs, I figured it would be beneficial to make a panoramic image of the studio while it’s empty. Some call it procrastination, I call it alternate productivity.



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Green Metropolis.


Analysis to come later //

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Skinny Ships.

Richard Perez //


An amazing poster designer, the majority of his work is based around gig posters, but it’s amazing how he manages to interpret the band in question that he is basing his design around. Take a look for yourself.

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Brosse A Danse.



A short animation for the French Musician ‘Naing Naing’ and his song ‘Brose A Danse’.

The song is made up entirely from sounds made when brushing your teeth. Stretched and distorted they create this odd song. We decided to use this song as the basis for our music video. After researching we became particularly interested in what in people think about whilst brushing their teeth, as it is similar to paining in the sense that you have a lot of time to let your mind wander.  Loosely inspired by the 1960’s adverts regarding toothpaste and brushing your teeth.

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New/Old Photos.

I’ve just added some new photos to the photos page These are actually old photos that were taken a while back, but I’ve recently uploaded them, so they are new/old photos. Get my drift?



Most of them are from my home-town Egham, and the local University Royal Holloway. The Image above always reminds me of home when I feel unsure or have worries.

The rest of the photos can be found here.

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